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Pre-Medical Course

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In order to complete the MD / MBBS in USA program, the Sri Lankan students have to complete B.S. degree program. The Pre-medical course conducted as per the US standards is generally for 4 Trimesters (16 Months) for Sri Lankan students. At the end of this course, on passing the exams, the university confers Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree to the students. Basically, this acts like a foundation course for the “Doctor in Medicine” program. Pre Medical course is an important part of the complete course in order to understand the next level of Basic Medical Science.

The students must choose 5 Years MD program including 16 months of Pre Medical course. It is being warned that Pre Medical course is mandatory for the Sri Lankan students. Few universities on Caribbean Islands would offer you entry directly to MD program (Basic Science level). This would not allow you to get the residency in USA since you have violated the ECFMG specifications.

Before moving to the medical program in USA leading to MD degree, all the Sri Lankan students must hold BS degree. This is due to a different system followed for medicine in USA. Generally, an American student aspiring to become a medical doctor needs to complete 4 years (9 trimesters) of program after 10th level. However, an Sri Lankan student generally opts for these program after completing 10+2 level in Sri Lanka. The credits earned during the 11th and 12th Level in Sri Lanka are transferred by the university. These credits once transferred are equivalent to 5 trimesters. Accordingly, the student is in a position to complete B.S. degree with additional 4 Trimesters known as Pre-Medical program.

As per ECFMG requirements, the student must hold 90 Credit hours (minimum) during this course. Further, it is expected that the requirement may get enhanced soon to 120 hours. Spartan Health Science University offers 142 credit hours BS degree program at St. Lucia.


For the student having completed 1st or 2nd year of MBBS / MD in another country such as Russia / Ukraine, they are given higher credits. Accordingly, they may not have to go through the Pre Medical course at all. Further, many Sri Lankan students approach us on completion of B.Sc. program in Sri Lanka to pursue MBBS / MD in USA. The Pre medical course is waived off for these students.

Many universities offer the program inducting the students directly to 4 years of MD program. This is done just to reduce the costs and attract more students. The Sri Lankan students must understand that such programs would not make you eligible for the residency (PG) in USA.

Pre Medical Course Syllabus

The various subjects covered during the Pre medical program by the university.

General Chemistry (With Lectures and Labs).
General Physics (With Lectures and Labs).
Biology (With Lectures and Labs).
Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry (With Lectures and Labs).
Statistics and probability.
Basics of Probability.
Introduction to Anatomy.
Conceptual Physiology.
Understanding the basics of Genetics / Biochemistry.
Introduction to Microbiology / Immunology.
Medical Terminology.
Introduction to Psychology

On completion of the Pre-Medical, the students are promoted to the next level of Basic Science. This is also conducted at St Lucia, Caribbean Islands.

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