MCI Screening Test for Indian Students

Every student having a degree from MCI recognized medical university from abroad need to give a licensing test (unlike those who pass from India) which is named as FMGE exam or a MCI Screening Test. The MCI screening test for foreign medical graduates is conducted annually twice in June and December. The students return back on completion of MBBS course in the month of June every year and generally go through the crash course for MCI screening test up to September. They prepare from the next 2 months on their own and give their first attempt in December. The exam is conducted by NBE and one can check the website of FMGE.

Every year, around 10,000 students from India decide to go abroad to study MBBS in various MCI approved universities in different countries such as MBBS in China, MBBS in Russia or MBBS in Kyrgyzstan etc. That is the almost equivalent to the number of Government Medical Seats in India!

Before the student decides about MBBS abroad option, everyone thinks of the MCI Screening Test or FMGE Exam as one of the barriers to decide. definitely in the absence of the coaching or constant preparation for this exam it would be a big obstacle in the dream to become a doctor. For such a large chunk of students, one needs to have a clear solution to MCI Screening Test or FMGE Exam Coaching.

MCI Screening Test Pattern

FMGE or MCI Screening test exam question papers generally follow a typical pattern based on the 19 subjects as per the Indian curriculum designed by Medical Council of India. The doctors giving FMGE exam need to understand that the preparation would be needed for all the 19 subjects and one cannot just be dependent on the subjects that you may like. The general MCI Screening exam pattern (not necessarily but just indicative) with weight-age on marks for each of the 19 subjects is given in this sheet. Naturally, it is not an easy task to learn 19 subjects in piece meal over a period of 5 years and then give an MCI Screening Exam conducted by NBE (National Board of Examination)  by preparing all 19 subjects together.

MCI Screening Passing Ratio

Exam Mar’ 12 Sept’ 12 Mar’ 13 Sept’ 13 June’ 14 Dec’ 14 June’ 15
% Pass 21.04% 27.62% 29.15% 9.00% 3.50% 18.00% 7.20%

* MCI screening test 2016 is scheduled in June. As one can easily see that the MCI screening test result has been low constantly for the last 4-5 years with an average of around 15% of the students passing the exam in spite of this being just a non-competitive screening test. If you are thinking to study MBBS abroad, you must keep FMGE result of the past years very well in mind to ensure a right decision is taken right from the beginning. Are these MCI screening test question papers very difficult or the students are not clear about the approach to crack the exams? The above FMGE news is definitely very discouraging.  However, Let us try to understand this aspect step by step and ensure that you are very clear on how to prepare for MCI screening test so that you pass in this test on the very first attempt! We aims to achieve 100% results of its students in the coming 5 years through an innovative solution.

Historical data of MCI Screening Test:

Historically, more and more students are appearing for MCI screening test year after year since:

  • Those who could not pass in their earlier attempt repeat their appearance and the list of such people grow over a period of years
  • Number of students going abroad to pursue MBBS has been increasing constantly year after year.

Deeper assessment of the past performance would help you conclude the decision on selection of the country and the university in a much better way.

Countrywise Comparison for FMGE results

Countrywise MCI Screening Test chartDuring this period, the passing % of students who completed MBBS in Russia was the best at 23% of those who appeared while the passing % of students completed MBBS in China was as low as 19%. Among low cost options, the students who completed MBBS in Kyrgyzstan performed better in passing FMGE exam or MCI Screening Test at 21% (Better than even China!) as against the students who appeared for FMGE exam after completed Medicine in Philippines at only 8% success ratio. It is very important factor to understand the past performance and assess it in order to finalize the destination country to study MBBS overseas. Let us analyse the MCI screening Test results surveyed among 350 doctors (samples taken from 12 different cities) by us.

Country Passing Ratio (2012-14)
Russia 23%
China 19%
Kyrgyzstan 21%
Ukraine 16%
Philippines 8%

University Grade wise FMGE Results

Why China fared worst in MCI Screening Test? On assessing deeper to understand the reasons behind students from China performing so badly on MCI screening test, it was understood that China has 45 MCI approved universities out of which almost 15 universities are falling in C+ / C  grade parting with low quality education. The passing ratio from these low graded universities was only around 7%! Further, Out of around 1200 Seats in China offered up to 2014, these low graded universities offered around 45% of the total seats for Indian student. In nutshell, 45% of the Indian students who opted to study MBBS in China chose wrong universities due to low cost offers! However, if you look at the data for higher graded universities from China and compare it with lower grade of Russia, students who did their MBBS in China fared much better than Russia! So we conclude that it is not only the country but also the university selection which is very important for you to pass FMGE by NBE. Check the University Grades to understand how the cost of studying MBBS abroad depends on the Grade of the university and the chart clearly shows you how the success ratio of passing drops in case of “C” Grade Universities.

Grade wise MCI Screening Test PassingAnother reason with the students in China finding MCI screening test difficult was to study language which is completely different than the English. That took away a lot of time from their real study time. Russian language also needs to be learnt but it is far easier to learn in the first 6 semesters than to study Chinese language. Many students do feel that due to this language issue, Philippines is a better choice. It is completely a promotional effect of the agents. In reality, 25%+ of the students who went to pursue MBBS in Philippines returned back after 16 months since they could not pass NMAT exam (local Philippines screening test) which is mandatory to be taken up before promoting to MBBS program. Also, those who passed NMAT, the FMGE result were only 8% as shown in the chart -1. Now this was due to low quality of education since the grade of most of the universities in Philippines is either ‘B’ or ‘C’. We suggest you not to choose lower grade universities in China and apply early to get hold of the seats in A / B graded universities only when you decide to study MBBS overseas.

FMGE Exam On-line Coaching Course

This is the most important step to be taken by the students who decide to pursue MBBS Abroad. Just attending the crash course after returning back and solving the MCI screening test papers of the past years is definitely not enough to pass this difficult test. The requirement is to constantly keep in touch with the 19 subjects as you progress your learning journey while you are away in another country pursuing MBBS degree program. Accordingly, for all the students of us, we have prepared an on-line coaching of MCI Screening Test conducted by the best of the doctor professors from India. This package also includes subject by subject Mock Tests based on more than 20,000 FMGE question bank created which can be taken up starting from 1st year of MBBS itself. The students can check themselves as they progress over studies and test themselves for a particular subject constantly throughout the 6 years. During your last year you would be constantly solving the FMGE question papers of the past years. We tracks the performance of each of the students for every subject and pushes the students to achieve minimum 60% in the FMGE mock test based on MCI screening test sample papers participated by the student. Once the student achieves 60% in every subject, he or she has entered the safe zone! However, this is not an end. One must strive to get consistently 60% and improve to enhance their chances further. In case the student is not fully prepared at this level in the 6 years, probably, it is time to take up a crash course (also provided by us) on returning from your course for MBBS abroad. Suddenly, you have prepared for 6 years and not just 6 months as is the case normally!

How FMGE coaching will help you till PG?

The medical doctors prepared during the MBBS abroad programs are generally done from the perspective of their country. However, when it comes to clearing MCI Screening Test successfully, one needs to change the perspective to an Indian one. Since the human body has the same component and the diseases world over are almost similar barring few (which are eliminated in developed countries), the learning is almost the same. All the 19 subjects taught in India are also taught abroad while doing MBBS. However, the same subjects and topics are split differently. The students should be able to mentally understand this division clearly and start placing them in the right slot from Indian perspective. In fact, you would get MCI Screening Test preparation books for each of the 19 subjects once you sign up for the coaching. These FMGE books would help you keep the Indian perspective alive throughout the 6 years of MBBS journey. FMGE books free download are available on the internet but are not fully updated effecting the changes required as per NBE pattern. The books provided by us are constantly updated. This particular issue has been well addressed in our On-line coaching system wherein the subjects, topics and sub topics have been split into totally 128 modules for you to get ready from Indian way of becoming a doctor. This will help you to connect well with the FMGE questions with the constant learning parted at your medical university abroad. Each of the modules consists of MCI Screening Test questions and answers with complete explanation paragraph on every answer. It is important to keep yourself updated with the latest MCI screening test or FMGE latest news. On signing up with us, you would get an additional benefit of keeping in touch with MCI Screening Test latest news and announcements by NBE or MCI. You need not get into FMGE forum and get misguided. Clear and honest with authentic analysis on very topic is what we would promise once you subscribe to the Blog. On returning from abroad after completion of your MBBS program, we would help you fill up the MCI screening test application form. It is important for you to understand the relationship between FMGE and AIPGMEE (The entrance test conducted by NBE for PG level courses leading to MD or MS degree programs). The course and curriculum for both these exams are the same 19 subjects! So your preparation for FMGE by NBE through MCI screening test books and 6 years of On-Line coaching during your MBBS abroad program is the foundation for the next step in your career. So do not be afraid of this exam, in fact embrace it systematically. Further to the support for passing the FMGE, we also provide counselling and guidance to pursue Medical PG in other countries such as Medical PG in Germany and Medical PG in USA, just in case you could not crack the PG level exam in India.

What is PTMP Technology?

PTMP technology developed in collaboration with the top Pychologists, counsellors and the IT software development team of our company which can understand many aspects and make performance predictions such as:PTMP Technology

  1. The software is connected with one of the best aptitude test available for the students. This aptitude test is designed by top Psychologists personality assessment test, Skill test, aptitude test, Numerical ability test and many others. Based on this test, the software calculates the “Multiplying Factor” required predicting your final exam results. Generally, the most perfect student with every ability would have the factor as “1”. All others would be below this!


  1. Constantly tracks results of various mock tests given by you and registers the history of your performance. There are 3 level of mock tests that you would be going through such as:
    • Topic wise Mock test (Totally 128 topics)
    • Subject wise Mock test
    • Grand Mock test for all 19 subjects of MBBS

    Your entire records of every test is stored and analyzed for its assessment. Every student is given its own “Dashboard” wherein after registration, they can view their performances of various tests.

  1. One of the most important feature of this software is to Analyses your weaknesses for the final test and a auto communication generated by the system for you to give higher focus on those topics which need more attention and higher learning aspect.


  1. Based on your performance in the Mock test, the Dashboard will allow you to go through subject by subject marks that you have covered till that time to reach the final destination of 150 marks.
Subject Max. Marks FMGE Marks Predicted Performance
Anatomy 17 5  arrow-down
Physiology 17 7  arrow-down
Biochemistry 17 3  arrow-up
Pathology 13 4  arrow-up
Microbiology 13 5  arrow-up
Pharmacology 13 3  arrow-down
Forensic 10 8  arrow-up
Medicine 33 11  arrow-up
Psychiatry 5 2  arrow-down
Dermatology 5 4  arrow-up
Radiology  10  7  arrow-up
Surgery  32  14  arrow-down
Anaesthesiology  5  3  arrow-up
Orthopaedics  5 2  arrow-up
Paediatrics  15  11  arrow-down
ENT  15  9  arrow-down
Ophthalmology  15  6  arrow-up
Obs-Gyn  30  11  arrow-down
PSM  30  14  arrow-down


  1. The software is already filled with the intelligence based on the final exam patterns such as weight age of the marks for the subject and your performance. It identifies your performance constantly, it understands your aptitude capabilities and constantly guide you through your improvement in performance.


  1. This model is constantly upgraded and made more and more intelligent by putting maximum parameters to predict your Final exam marks in MCI Screening Test right through your journey. In case you follow the tips and notifications based on the scientific approach taken by the system, we can almost ensure you passing the most dreaded FMGE exam on your returning back from overseas country after completion of MBBS.


PTMP technology is a proprietary software developed and owned by us. The software is offered to the students who opt for PREMIUM MODULE of the FMGE Exam On-line Coaching program only. The students registered under the Basic and Economy Modules will not be able to access the PTMP technology on their dashboard.

Pricing of FMGE Coaching Product

The FMGE Exam / MCI screening test on line coaching product is basically available for all the new students going abroad for MBBS studies or  the existing students already studying abroad in countries such as China, Russia. Ukraine, Philippines, Belarus, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mauritius etc. There were 3 types of students that we met and we had to create 3 different options for each one of them:

  Type of Student Suggested Module
1 Have already appeared FMGE Basic
2 Existing MBBS Overseas students Economical
3 Fresh students Premium


This module offered to the students consists of the most basic features such as access to Video lectures library & Mock tests. Generally, the self assessment and self motivation would be required by you in case you avail of this package. Further, the Mock Test included in this consists of the existing 15,000 question bank for all the 19 subjects. This model is suitable for the students who have already appeared for FMGE but failed to pass the MCI Screening Test. If you are currently a student joining MBBS abroad program, do not select this module.


This module offers all the features of BASIC MODULE and also has 2 very important support systems built in:

  1. Support over “Whatsapp” for your queries. All your queries answered by the top quality doctor professor from India!
  2. Access to the constantly up-graded Question bank including the latest MCI Screening Test papers for your Mock Test.
  3. Special Tips and messages via Notifications to improvise your performance

This module has been designed and suitable for the existing MBBS students abroad who have started their overseas MBBS journey.

As a student going abroad this year and joining the 1st year of MBBS abroad in any of the countries (Except USA), it is highly recommended for you to choose the Premium Module.

  1. All the features of Basic as well as Economy Module are included and topped up with PTMP Technology which is the core technology tracking your performances constantly.
  1. In case you have registered for PREMIUM MODULE as a new student on your first journey for overseas MBBS, you are entitled for a FREE AIR TICKET!
  1. In case you are registering with MOKSH, you are entitled for a Medical Aptitude Test as a par the module leading to initial assessment for your suitability for MCI screening Test even before your journey for MBBS starts!
  1. If you register for PREMIUM MODEL, You would be entitled for 50% discount on crash course once you return back to India!
  1. Premium Module subscribers stand to get the Special MOKSH Scholarship (Part) based on their Merit and Need.

fmge pricing


  • All the 3 options would have the option to choose monthly EMI scheme for you to avail of the scheme.
  • You can go through a 3 days FREE trial period wherein you may experience the entire product with respect to the quality of teaching, Mock tests at various level (Topic wise / Subject wise / Grand Mock Test).
  • From Sept, 1st, you would have the access to the PTMP technology which is under testing at our end.
  • PTMP technology would be made available only for the students availing of the Premium Module.
  • The students can choose all 19 subjects or at least 3 subjects from each of the segment such as Pre-Clinical / Para Clinical / Clinical portion of the course as per MBBS in India.
  • The calculation of the pricing, EMI and further registration can be done easily. For a FRESHER, just going abroad, the sample calculation is given below:
      Model Subjects Years TOTAL
    PREMIUM Part Full Course
    COST Rs. 3,000 19 6 162,000

    EMI scheme with 0% Interest Free Education Loan

    Down Payment Tenure under Loan EMI
    18,800 60 Months Rs. 4, 100

    The process to start your coaching is very simple!

FMGE Module Selection Process


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