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Basic Medical Science Syllabus (Basic Science)
Home Basic Medical Science Syllabus (Basic Science)
Basic Medical Science.

Basic Medical Science consists of 5 trimesters spread in 2 years. Accordingly, first 2 years are the first entry courses for the MD degree program to pursue medicine in USA. During this course there are several important subjects which are taught. The foundation gained during the Pre-medical will help you to understand Basic medical Science. Also, you would be prepare for USMLE Step -1 exam which is the most crucial examination to study MBBS in USA.

The program in USA is highly practical. However, the theory part of the program extending for these 2 years consists of Basic Science. After this, you would be spending your entire road map of 6 years right up to PG in hospital. Accordingly, it is important for the students to gain practical knowledge during basic science program.

human simulation lab while basic medical scienceIt is important for the university to have good infrastructure suitable to prepare the students for USMLE exams. Spartan Health Science University offers HUMAN SIMULATED LABORATORY for the students to practice as per USMLE. Programmable mannequins replacing the dead body generate similar response during anatomy class. Standardised Patients are available on campus to ensure preparation for USMLE Step -1.

Basic Medical Science Syllabus (5 Trimesters – 2 years).

Anatomy I
Medical Physiology I
Biochemistry I
DPR and Medical Ethics
Anatomy II (Head and Neck)
Medical Physiology II
Biochemistry II and Genetics
Neuroanatomy I
Microbiology I
Public Health and Epidemiology
Medical Pharmacology I
Pathology I
Microbiology II
Behavioural Science I
Neuroanatomy II
Physical Diagnosis and Clinic Visit
Medical Pharmacology II
Pathology II
Introduction to Clinical Medicine I
Behavioural Science II
Essentials of Clinical Sciences
Introduction to Clinical Medicine II

The students preparing for this exam get transferred to USA for 90 weeks of clinical rotation. This is subject to passing USMLE Step – 1 exam. You need to get 192 marks in Step 1 to ensure your transfer to the Clinical rotation. The students are transferred to USA for the clinical rotation & Not Observership.

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